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 One of the many wonderful Buddhist temples found everywhere in Thailand

 The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

 Many Thai houses are built on the banks of a river.

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Visitors to temples should ensure that they are suitably dressed - no shorts or singlets and ladies should also cover their arms. Shoes should be removed before entering any building and it would be polite to sit quietly when in the main temple buildings.

When visiting a temple it is polite to seek the permission of the Abbott before taking photographs or entering other than the main area. This can be done by approaching a monk or one of the many helpers found in the temple grounds. Normally permission is granted without seeing the Abbott, but your show of respect by asking, will be returned. If visiting popular temples, such as Wat Phra Kaeo in the Grand Palace grounds, there is no need to seek any permission, but you should look out for signs indicating where photography is forbidden.

Click on a city below for information on some of the temples in that city where we recommend you visit:

Ayutthaya  Bangkok  Chiang Mai  Chiang Rai  Hua Hin  Pattaya  Phuket  

 A scenic waterfall in the North of Thailand

 Really happy!

 Some superb diving can be enjoyed in Southern Thailand.
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