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 Elephant trekking in the north of Thailand


 Thai Boxing - extremely popular national sport
In addition to scenic beaches and a rich cultural history, one of Thailand's primary recreational attractions is golf. Due to a dramatic increase in the popularity of the sport - in Thailand and around the world - a large number of world-class courses have been developed, making Thailand one of Asia's premier golfing destinations.

Holiday Golf Thailand offers highly personalised services for the discerning golfer, for players new to the game - and for every member of his/her traveling party. There are many championship courses throughout Thailand and our aim is to give you a taste of some of the amazing courses you can experience on your visit to the Land of Smiles.

An incredible experience awaits you.

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 Tradional Thai costumes are very beautiful.

 Southern Thailand is renowned for its beautiful beaches

 One of the many wonderful Buddhist temples found everywhere in Thailand

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