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 Hilltribe in the north of Thailand

 Thai Boxing - extremely popular national sport

 A visit to the Crocodile farm is an exciting trip for all the family

Thailand - The Land of Smiles >> Thai Food >> Dining

From street stalls to lavish complexes, often hand constructed in teak, Thailand abounds with places to eat.

No matter where you choose to eat you will be greeted with an enormous smile and unique service to match.

Don't be surprised if you don't find menus in smaller restaurants, or to discover that only pork or noodles are on offer. At the other end of the scale, in some establishments the menu will have so many items it will be difficult to know know how to even begin to choose.

Click on a city below for information on some of the restaurants in that city where we prefer to eat:

   Bangkok      Chiang Mai      Hua Hin      Pattaya      Phuket   
 Harvesting rice.

 Southern Thailand is renowned for its beautiful beaches

 Thai people are very artistic.
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